Reviews and Testimonials
Reviews and Testimonials
Hundreds of people around the world have been mentored by Dylan Sigley and used the Drop Servicing Blueprint to learn valuable skills, start, grow and automate their own business. These experiences are not a guarantee you will make money. You may make more, less or the same. The only promise we can make is that we give you exactly the same strategies that our students used to generate these results.
Christian - From $0 to $33,400 USD in the last 2 months, he quit his job
  • Christian was tired of working a day job and the 9-5 grind
  • ​​He leveraged what he learned in the Drop Servicing Blueprint to make $10,000+ USD in monthly recurring income 
  • ​Christian made $33,400 USD in the last 2 months
  • ​He quit his job and turned Drop Servicing into his full time income generating career
Drop Servicing Blueprint - Review - Christian Sale
Christian 1 month results
Drop Servicing Blueprint - Dylan The Drop Servicer - Christian Sales
Christian Total Sales - Dylan Sigley Review
Stephen - $5,689 USD in 5 weeks as a beginner
  • Stephen was working in tourism when he found out about the Drop Servicing Blueprint
  • ​He made his first $5,689 USD sale 5 weeks after he joined the course
  • ​​Stephen is now consistently making high ticket sales, he made $7,000 USD last month
  • ​​"The Drop Servicing Blueprint is truly one of the best investments I'll ever make"
First sale of Stephen with the Drop Servicing Blueprint
Stephen 4 - Review
Stephen Repeat Client - Drop Servicing
Stephen 4 - Drop Servicing Results
Antii - $18,000 USD / month at 17 years old
  • Antii was able to tap into our strategies to build a 6-figure business fast with his business partner Aksel. 
  • ​The Drop Servicing Blueprint allowed Antii to scale and automate his businesses beyond imagination
  • ​He made $18,000 USD last month with his Drop Servicing Business
  • ​​"I'm very satisfied with my purchase, just the amount of value this course provides is just mind blowing"
  • ​"I can honestly recommend this course for anyone who is willing to take some action to achieve the life of their dreams"
Aksel - Dylan The Drop Servicer Review
Aksel's results
Aksel closing a deal
Antii - Drop Servicing Blueprint Review
Adrian - Was skeptical but got his $1,500 first sale
  • ​Adrian started as a beginner with no knowledge
  • ​Adrian made his first sale for $1,500 USD
  • "​I was skeptical at the beginning but that quickly vanished after the first week, seeing all the in depth material and joining the Facebook group"
  • ​"I really like that Dylan almost immediately replies to the questions as well as the live stream every Sunday"
  • ​"I can highly recommend the course, Dylan is a great instructor, super helpful"
Rouan - From struggling to start a business to making $1,500 USD with $1,000 in recurring revenue
  • Rouan was struggling to start an online business
  • ​​Rouan recently just signed 2 clients with $1,500 USD with $1,000 USD reccuring revenue
  • ​“Dylan’s course is amazing, it’s comprehensive, it teaches you how to build a real business”
  • ​“It’s probably one of the most comprehensive course that I have ever done”
Yaami - From losing money with dropshipping to making $4,000 a day within the first 17 days
  • ​Yaami was doing dropshipping at first, but he lost a lot of money doing that
  • ​When he found out about the Drop Servicing Blueprint course it "blew his mind"
  • ​​The course helped Yaami scale his business from $0 to $4,000 USD a day within the first 17 days
  • ​“The value Dylan has provided with the course is the best"
  • "It is the best business course on the market right now”
Lauren - $8,738 USD in 6 weeks and on her way to make $100,000 USD
Lauren 2 - Dylan The Drop Servicer
Lauren - Sale
Lauren - Dylan Sigley Review
Albert - $9,000+ USD last month
Albert 8- Review
Albert 4 - Drop Servicing Sale
Albert 8- Review
Albert 4 - Drop Servicing Sale
Albert 7 - Drop Servicing Blueprint Review
Albert Review
Keely - $5,100 USD in one month and quit her job
Keely Results - Dylan Sigley Review
Keely 2 - Drop Servicing Blueprint
Jordan - Closed his first 2 high ticket sales after 3 weeks
Jordan 1 - Drop Servicing Blueprint Review
Jordan's first sales
Jordan - Drop Servicing Blueprint Review
Jordan - Dylan Sigley Testimonial
Jordan - Drop Servicing Blueprint Review
Michael - "I've been involved in online marketing for 20 years and this is the most detailed course I've seen"
Michael 1 - Dylan Sigley Review
Michael 2 - Dylan The Drop Servicer Review
Michael - Drop Servicing Blueprint Course
Michael 3 - Drop Servicing Blueprint Testimonial
Anthony - Consistently getting high ticket sales
Anthony 4 - Drop Servicing Blueprint Sale
Anthony's screenshot
Ang - $3,000 USD in 6 weeks and keeps growing
BJ - $8,198 USD in revenue and regularly closing high ticket sales
BJ 3 - Dylan Drop Servicing Sale
BJ 4 - Drop Servicing Blueprint Results
BJ - Dylan Drop Servicing Blueprint
Pauline - 10 high ticket sales in 4 months
Pauline - Drop Servicing Blueprint Sale 4
And many more...
A few more examples of students have built successful Drop Servicing businesses around the world
Truong - Drop Servicing Blueprint Review
Hayden's review of the Dylan Sigley course
Shaun 3 - Sale Drop Servicing
Sunil Results Drop Servicing - Dylan Sigley Review
Ed's review of the Drop Servicing Blueprint
Stan - Dylan Drop Servicing Review
Edison Results
Edison 4 - Drop Servicing Blueprint Review
Radoslaw's success story
Adrian's journey in Drop Servicing
Yukito reviews his first payment and thanks Dylan Sigley
Doga 2 - Results Drop Servicing
Doga - Result Drop Servicing Blueprint
Chris Review of Dylan Sigley
Fabian Review Drop Servicing
Drop Servicing Blueprint - First Customer - Review
Filip closing his first client
Neil 2 - Drop Servicing Blueprint Review
Neil 2 - Drop Servicing Blueprint Review
Edison 3 - Review
Jacob review of Drop Servicing Blueprint
The Drop Servicing Blueprint is rated 4.8/5 
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