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Drop Servicing Blueprint 3.0
  • ​​​Lifetime access to Drop Servicing Blueprint 3.0 Course
  • ​​97 modules of exclusive content
  • ​​80+ high converting sales scripts and templates
  • ​​Unlimited mentoring, coaching and training
  • ​​Private community + weekly live Q&A calls
  • ​​Inside my Drop Servicing Business’ automatic sales system
  • ​​7 Day Accelerator - First sales fast and free
  • ​​VIP Access to our Freelancer Team
Introducing the Drop Servicing Blueprint 3.0™
The Drop Servicing Blueprint 3.0 is a 6 week step by step program that teaches you how to start your Drop Servicing business in 30 days.

The training is available in our online e-learning platform. You can complete the training from any desktop or mobile device whenever and wherever you want.

You don’t need any experience, knowledge or skills to get started. In this program, you will learn everything through our training modules and step-by-step process with practical implementation action items.
Tested and proven system
I give you the exact strategies, tactics and methods I used to design, build, scale and automate my 6-7 figure Drop Servicing businesses.

It took me 5 years and I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to figure out what works.

With this program, you get the tested and proven system that delivers results for me and the community.

We are constantly updating the Drop Servicing Blueprint with the most cutting edge techniques and you get every updates for free.
1000+ sales generated with the system
The System has consistently generated results for our businesses and our students

Program content and schedule

Learn how to build, scale and automate your Drop Servicing business

Week 1
The Foundations
We cover all of the mindsets and productivity structures you'll need to succeed because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You will also pick your business idea and craft your irresistible offer. We will go into detail on how to analyze the market, your competitors and your offer. You will come out of week 1 with your business idea locked in and have your offer perfectly constructed.
Week 2
Build Your Business
I take you step-by-step through the actual building of your business: branding, copywriting, website building, the hiring process, and your high converting sales system. This week will get you to the point that you actually have a business, meaning all of the systems will be set up. When we begin marketing, we can do so with the confidence that we've built something powerful.
Week 3
Get Clients With Free Marketing Methods
It's time to turn on the sales machine. I will take you through creating your free client getting system. The same one that's consistently generated sales for me since 2016 and will continue to do so for years to come. The great thing about this system is that you can start off doing all of these methods for free. I'm going to get all of those systems setups for you and we're going to turn on the system to start the sales raining in.
Week 4
Get Clients With Paid Marketing Methods
Here we will release all of the in-depth tutorials mapping out how to build paid advertising campaigns across all of the paid traffic platforms. We have spent hundreds of thousands in paid advertising over the years and will reveal our most powerful strategies. After this, you will be ready to scale to 6 figures. Enter a beginner advertiser and exit an advanced pro.
Week 5
Automate Your Business to Create a Passive Income System
By week 5 you'll finally be able to take yourself out of the equation with our automation module. Here we break down the step by step process to automate your business to work on autopilot easily and without any risks. So you can generate passive income with Drop Servicing and live the life of freedom you have always dreamt about.
Week 6
Scale To The Moon
Now that you have a fully setup automated 6-figure business, you can scale above and beyond with our scale to the moon module. Here we lay out all of the advanced strategies and tactics for taking your business to the next level. This is the advanced knowledge we've accrued over our online business careers laid out on a silver platter so you can grow your business as large as you desire.

6 Exclusive Bonuses

Fast track your success with breakthrough modules

Bonus 1
Inside My 6 Figure Drop Servicing Business
A full in depth case study breaking down every piece of one of my 6 Figure Drop Servicing businesses. I show you EVERYTHING inside. I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars with this business and I am still making money with it to this day. You can just clone my business by copy and pasting everything!

In this bonus, you will get:
- The strategies and tactics used to grow my Drop Servicing business from 0 to 6 Figures.
- My powerful automated system that generates sales and delivers services on autopilot.
- The sales scripts that enabled me to close over 500 clients.
- The Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email sequences and templates that generated over $700,000.
- The website, landing pages and sales funnels that convert prospects into high value customers.
- The exact method to hire the best freelancers and train them to deliver world class services.
Bonus 2
7 Day Accelerator - Your First Sales Fast And Free 
The 7 day Accelerator course that has been systematically designed to help you get your first sales fast and free in as little as 7 days. You will get:
- Every single clicks and steps to build a Drop Servicing Business in 7 days.
- All of the done for you scripts, copy, and systems so you don’t need to create any of those yourself.
- The exact step by step process to build your Drop Servicing business and get your first sales for free in as little as 7 days.

Here is the content and schedule:
Day 1: Choose which service you are going to sell and find freelancers to deliver the service.
Day 2: Create the packages and choose the price of your service.
Day 3: Build your website with our detailed step by step tutorial.
Day 4: Choose a niche and create your irresistible offer.
Day 5: Choose a marketing channel and build your list of potential customers.
Day 6: Launch the marketing campaign.
Day 7: Learn how to close your first sale.
Bonus 3
VIP Access To Our Freelancer Team
VIP access to one of our low cost freelancer teams that I’ve personally used over the years to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. That means unlimited access to our best freelancers, this took us years to find and today you’ll be getting it instantly. You will no longer have to go out there searching for the best freelancers because we just give them to you.
Bonus 4
Our Top 883 Proven Niche Ideas
The list of our top 883 proven niche ideas. So you just need to choose any of these proven niches. I literally made this so you can copy me. This is for you to steal and start building your passive income streams right away by skipping arguably the hardest part of the process.
Bonus 5
The Success Vault
We talked to 10 expert Drop Servicers making up to $400,000 a year to learn more about their stories and the secrets behind their insane success. We compiled all the interviews in a Success Vault and make it available for you so you can avoid their mistakes and take their lessons to skyrocket your results. You get to hear other ideas and learn directly from some of our most successful students.
Bonus 6
2x DSB Membership
When you sign up today your also going to get an extra DSB membership you can give to someone for free. This is really for your benefit because we’ve noticed when students get someone else they know in they end up going all in and get results even faster. That means when you take advantage of this bonus the course cost is literally cut in half for you.

Expert Coaching and Community

Get coached and mentored by Drop Servicing Experts

Weekly Live Coaching
Live coaching with the original Drop Servicer Dylan. You will have direct access to all of Dylan's 5 years of knowledge. Ask any questions that come up and get instant answers from the guy that's seen it all. Get coaching customized to your needs to skyrocket your results.
Private Community of Winners
Join the most successful community of entrepreneurs that share the same vision as you. We support and push each other to always go to the next level and achieve our dreams together. In our community, we help and support each other when facing challenges every step of the way.
Expert Mentorship
If you are stuck or have questions, we are here to help you succeed. You have 24/7 access to our support. You can ask us anything in the Facebook group, over email or in the weekly Q&A coaching call. In the Drop Servicing Blueprint, nobody is left behind.
Learn anywhere, anytime and on any device
Get the training in any place, on any device and any format you like
Online e-learning platform
You get access to our course and community at any time, in any place, on any device and any format you like. To make sure you get the most value out of Drop Servicing Blueprint 3.0, we deliver our 6 week training in HD videos, Excel Sheets, Word Documents and PDF files. You can access our platform from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. In this program, you choose how and when you want to learn.
Online e-learning platform
You get access to our course and community at any time, in any place, on any device and any format you like. To make sure you get the most value out of Drop Servicing Blueprint 3.0, we deliver our 6 week training in HD videos, Excel Sheets, Word Documents and PDF files. You can access our platform from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. In this program, you choose how and when you want to learn.

Here’s what a few of our students are saying

**These results were achieved by our students that implemented the strategies we teach and worked hard to achieve their goals. These experiences are not a guarantee your results will be the same. You may make more, less or the same. The only promise we can make is that we give you the exact same strategies that our students used to generate these results.**

Christian - From $0 to $33,400 in the last 2 months, he quit his job and made $142,000+
  • Dropped out of college and wasn’t doing anything with his life
  • ​Had a job at a warehouse and hated working there
  • ​Wanted to work for himself
  • ​​Tried other business models but did not succeed
  • ​Saw Dylan’s ad on YouTube and decided to take a chance
  • ​Made $2,000 two months after joining the course
  • ​After 3 months, he was making more with Drop Servicing than what he was making with job
  • ​Quit his job 3 months after joining the course
  • ​Made over $142,000 with Drop Servicing so far
Ed - $53,000 in 6 months and expecting to make $100,000 after 8 months
  • A hardworking husband and a father of 2 kids
  • ​Wanted to be autonomous and have more time to spend with his family
  • ​Tried other business models but was really impressed with Drop Servicing because it is “nimble and low risk”
  • ​Made $53,000 in just 6 months without spending anything on marketing
  • ​Expecting to make $100,000 after 8 months of business.
  • ​“I’ve tried a lot of free and paid courses and I can’t find a single one that’s as thorough as this, it’s literally step by step.”
  • ​“The community is very powerful and supportive. You will feel like everyone is there to answer your questions and to help you out.”
  • ​“I’ve never been with a community with such a focused and responsible leader like Dylan who’s determined to make everyone successful.”
Lauren - $8,738 in 6 weeks, $58,000 in 6 months and on her way to make $100,000
  • ​Was running multiple physical stores in the Philippines
  • ​Had to close 8 of her stores because of the crisis
  • ​Earned $58,000 in her first 6 months with Drop Servicing
  • ​​Makes $10,000/month after 6 months
  • Only works 2 hours per day because her Drop Servicing business is already fully automated
  • ​Makes 70% profit with Drop Servicing compared to 6% with her old physical store business
  • ​Only invested $1,500 in Drop Servicing and generated $58,000
  • ​"I don’t think there is another business like this that can generate as much money in such a short period of time.
  • ​“It really works, trust the process and it will generate you results"
Stephen - $5,689 in 5 weeks as a beginner and made $23,000 last month
  • Was working in the Tourism industry and was fearful of his position so he decided to look for ways to make money online
  • ​Tried different ways of making money online but failed until he found his success in Drop Servicing
  • ​Got his first sale of $5,000+ in 5 weeks
  • ​Made $23,000 in the last 3 weeks
  • ​Lost his job in tourism but now runs a Drop Servicing business that's making 6 figures
  • ​“A cool and ethical business model that can be sustained for a very long time.”
  • ​“If you invest into the Drop Servicing Blueprint, everything is in there. It is the blueprint that shows you how to do everything and it can fast track that process”
Keely - Quit her job and made $14,000+ last month
  • Was grinding 7am-4pm as an executive assistant
  • ​Didn’t feel compensated enough for the work and responsibilities she had
  • ​She always wanted to work online and start her own business
  • ​​Made $14,000 last month with Drop Servicing
  • ​​Was able to quit her job
  • ​ “The Drop Servicing Blueprint is a really great start in business and tells you everything you need to do.”
  • ​​“I wasn't expecting the course to be so organized, structured and easy to follow.”
  •  “The community is so great, it’s cool to be inspired by people with the same kind of goals.”
Albert - Consistently making $10,000+/month and earned $18,000+ last month
  • ​Wanted to have a laptop business, to have the freedom to work whenever he wants from anywhere he wants
  • ​Now is full-time Drop Servicing and consistently making $10,000+ per month
  • ​“This course is so in depth. I made $35,000 in the last 6 month and that’s only implementing a few strategies”
  • ​“Just follow the course step by step because Dylan holds you by the hand and shows you the process.”
  • ​"The Drop Servicing business model is superior to other business models because the profit margin is really high and the capital cost is very low.”
  • ​“Thank you so much for the course, I am sure you changed a lot of people’s lives and you certainly changed my life with your dedication and hard work.”
Ipek & Doga - First sale in 3 weeks and making $5,000/month as students in Turkey
  • Students at a University in Turkey
  • ​Wanted to gain their financial freedom and not depend on their own families anymore
  • ​Got their first sale in 3 weeks
  • ​Earning $5,000/month just by using one free marketing method
  • ​​“The course has been life-changing”
  • ​“Financially, we can now provide for our own needs without depending on anyone”
  • ​“Have faith in this course because it really works!”
  • ​ “We are proud to have achieved that as women in Turkey. If we can do it, you can too”
Jordan - Closed his first 2 high ticket sales after 3 weeks and made $14,000 in one sale
  • Was a university student in London
  • ​Money was difficult to find as a student so he was looking for ways to make money online
  • ​Saw the Drop Servicing course on a YouTube ad and decided to join
  • ​Got his first 2 high ticket sales after 3 weeks and already made the money invested in the course back
  • ​Recently made a $14,000 sale
  • ​He graduated and is now focusing full time on Drop Servicing
  • "​I really like the course, everything is super detailed and easy to follow”
  • ​“The community is encouraging and everyone motivates each other. If you have a question or are stuck, you can just ask anyone in the group”
Antti - $18,000 USD / month at 17 years old
  • Antti was able to tap into our strategies to build a 6-figure business fast with his business partner Aksel. 
  • ​The Drop Servicing Blueprint allowed Antti to scale and automate his businesses beyond imagination
  • ​He made $18,000 USD last month with his Drop Servicing Business
  • ​​"I'm very satisfied with my purchase, just the amount of value this course provides is just mind blowing"
  • ​"I can honestly recommend this course for anyone who is willing to take some action to achieve the life of their dreams"
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BJ - $30,000+ USD in revenue and regularly closing high ticket sales
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Ang - $3,000 USD in 6 weeks and keeps growing
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Pauline - 10 high ticket sales in 4 months
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And many more...
A few more examples of students that built successful Drop Servicing businesses around the world
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Here’s what you will get
In only 6 weeks we'll help you build your own Drop Servicing business from scratch
Drop Servicing Blueprint 3.0™
  • ​​​Lifetime access to Drop Servicing Blueprint 3.0 Course
  • ​​97 modules of exclusive content
  • ​​80+ high converting sales scripts and templates
  • ​​Unlimited mentoring, coaching and training
  • ​​Private community + weekly live Q&A calls
  • ​​Inside my Drop Servicing Business’ automatic sales system
  • ​​7 Day Accelerator - First sales fast and free
  • ​​VIP Access to our Freelancer Team
Program content and schedule
Learn how to build, scale and automate your Drop Servicing business
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