Our team developed a consulting methodology known as "Drop Servicing" which is simply a strategy for impacting top line revenue through additional services that both add value to your clients and to your bottom line.
Consulting in practice, supported by theory
Our team of professional consultants doesn’t just come from a place of theory, though they all have the requisite knowledge, they come from a place of action. Each member of our team has been a business owner in the B2B space and using that real world experience has cumulatively consulted thousands of other businesses worldwide on how to succeed with digital marketing strategies.

Impact top line revenue through delivering synergistic digital services to your clients
This methodology focuses on first maximizing the return on investment you get from your current way of doing things. This is done by deploying a variety of strategies and tactics we’ve found consistently work in our own businesses. The primary pillar of which is discovering synergy in additional services that can be delivered by our team in-house for you and your clients.

Deploy additional strategies and systems to scale your marketing capabilities and production capacity
Our methodology has been using my hundreds of clients worldwide to impact key performance indicators across marketing, sales, and production elements of our B2B clients. This is because we not only provide the consulting and strategic direction, we also handle the implementation through our full service digital marketing agency.

Our Methodology
Strategies & Tactics Developed by Experienced Consultants
Our consulting team will first dive deep into the systems defining your organization. Building a framework by which to reference any strategic direction. Utilizing a breadth and depth of theoretical and practical knowledge we will develop a grand strategic direction for your company made up of powerfully effective tactics.

Digital Services Delivered by Expert Teams
Since 2015, we’ve been building expert teams of digital service providers that have been optimized to deliver results for our clients. They are the troops on the ground implementing the tactics that will bring you the results you desire. Our teams are the best in the business with industry leading qualifications and experience.

Management Training to Equip Your Organization with Effective Knowledge
Once your organization has the strategy and tactics being implemented by our expert team it’s time to focus internally. Our consulting team will provide effective management training engineered to equip your team with the knowledge necessary to drive optimal results from the strategies and tactics being implemented for you.
3 Step Drop Servicing Blueprint Framework
We begin with an in-depth initial review of your business to gather your higher-level business requirements. This step helps us discover any problems so we can provide a preliminary solution and develop a rough timeline of implementation.

Next, we organize a fully developed strategy complete with tactics, project scope, schedule and budget. We evaluate the current and future business processes with you and take the time to understand all of your requirements and expectations.

Finally, we formulate the tactical steps that make up our strategic process, which leverages our experience and a series of proven templates required to provide an effective solution. This includes solution concepts, team requirements and cost estimates. These deliverables enable our clients to be more confident in having a successful outcome for their project.

The output of this design process will move us into the build phase. This is where we turn planning into action in implementing all the tactics that make up your grand strategy. During this phase our team will be implementing a range of digital services into your business, so it will be necessary to hold bi-weekly review meetings to go over status, monitor scope, address questions, and ensure the strategic development progresses efficiently.

Once we complete the build phase for all of the required systems that make up your strategy, it then needs to be implemented by our team and yours.

Implementation is more than just handing over the finished product; it entails training, knowledge transfer, effective communications, and regular follow-up meetings to ensure the deliverables meet the client's needs. This means that not only are we developing strategy and implementing that strategy for you, we’re equipping your team with the knowledge they need for the future.

Once the build phase is complete it’s time to deploy the action items within that system. We will establish a feedback loop to ensure that the solutions being deployed in that system are meeting client expectations. This allows us to handle any questions and necessary adjustments to the grand strategy and tactics that make it. This support channel is essential to the solution's ongoing success as it becomes a core pillar of your business.

This framework means that you as a potential client can feel confident and stress free in letting your business systems be optimized and engineered for growth with no unwanted surprises. We focus on building a theoretical foundation for your strategic direction. Then we use our teams to deploy tactics in the implementation of that direction. We have a very well laid out delivery methodology which gives you a precise idea of what you are getting, for how much, and when you can expect it.

Management consulting theory built upon practice in our own businesses and through experience working with 2,000+ clients worldwide allows for peace of mind that your strategy is in good hands. We don’t just consult on your strategy, we provide the team that will implement it right down to digital marketing, graphic design, and video marketing. Then once deployed we help your team develop the knowledge to keep this success going long term.
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